Mobilizing Draft Beverage Service

Meet the OnTap Powerstation

The first of its kind 100% battery powered mobile kegerator cart enabling ice cold draft beverages, all day or night

Serve up to 4 draft varieties with multiple keg configurations


1/2 Kegs


1/4 Kegs

DTG's mPower Advanced battery system

All the Power that You Need

Commercial grade single-zone refrigeration keeps kegs cold for 12+ hours. Simply recharge the cart in 4 hours on a standard 110V outlet.

Designed to work anywhere

Safe and Simple Power Assisted Navigation

The OnTap PowerStation incorporates a self-powered, motorized, and automated brake/locking caster system for swift, safe, and easy transport between sites.

choose your look and feel

Highly Configurable to Meet your Needs

The 42" commercial grade kegerator refrigeration system allows two 1/2 kegs or four 1/4 kegs. Serve up to 4 different draft beverages at once.Additional customization options include an umbrella, custom magnetic signage, pop-out shelving, and POS integration.

DTG is empowering mobility at some of the world’s most innovative companies

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